What to eat in London – Via Emilia

Via Emilia - The Best Pasta in London As an Italian food expert, pasta is one of my biggest food loves, and I regularly feast on a home cooked bowl of my favorite Italian carb. But now and again, I want the full experience. Choosing my favorite is almost impossible – with London’s ever-growing community… Read More

What to eat in London – Peppeckish

Peppeckish - Southern Italy flavors in London London has become a culinary hotspot for so many wonderfully delicious supper club and dining pop-ups. The city is brimming with passionate home cooks and budding chefs, who are putting themselves and cooking out there, by having their food available to be eaten by the paying public.  I… Read More

London Street Food

There has never been such a choice of street food in the capital. We've pounded the pavements to find the best and we are ready to reveal it to you. On the streets of London there is a continuous swarm of street food trucks, food shops and pop-up restaurants. We have made some order and… Read More

Uncommon Trentino

Uncommon Trentino. A secret place hidden in the woods Between the Dolomites and Lake Garda, geographically between two sacred monsters of Italian tourism, there is a hidden corner of Italy yet to be discovered, full of traditions and beautiful landscapes.   Change your pace and breathe. Fill the lungs with the scent of moss, the… Read More

Le Marche

Le Marche. An uncommon itinerary to discover this unspoiled region. An itinerary that begins at one of the largest sanctuaries in Europe and ends on the top of the Sibillini Mountains through breathtaking panoramas, gentle hills crossed by vineyards and suggestive cities, between literature, history and legends, in the heart of the Marche   To… Read More


Valais. Switzerland for nature lovers Nature had one of her finest moments in Canton of Valais. Where else can you find such varied and intense beauty – colossal glaciers, raging falls, hidden valleys and 4000m mountains – in such a small corner?   Nothing says Switzerland more than that mountain. As the train chugs from… Read More

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