Agribirrificio Birr’è

Km zero brewery “Agribirrificio Birr’è”: From the water to the malt

This century will be remembered for the explosion of the craft breweries  all over the world. Kaataa is curious and likes to explore this young and constantly evolving tendence and we’d like to bring you into the more original and hidden corners of brewery. 

That’s way it’s time to talk about “Agribirrificio Birr’è” (translated in English “Agri-brewery”).

The idea of this project comes from Marco Tonon, a 24 years old guy from the countryside of Treviso, in the region of Veneto. Three generations of  farmer family: Marco some years ago decided to keep alive the family tradition following his biggest passion: the beer. But he made it in a very deep and thorough way. In Fact he makes the brewery but he makes also the barley from the sowing to the harvest until the germination of the seeds to get the malt.

But there’s more to say: Marco decides to put into his beers another gift of the ground: the flowers. Thanks to the help of his sweet mother he adds in his recipes different kinds of flowers: for example he created “Primus”, a beer with the addition of the cowslip extract. Primus is a copper red American Pale Ale with a intense flavour of caramel and some scents of herbs and flower: Marco suggests to match it with a good grilled meat or some cold cuts. Anyway you must try this Km zero beer because there’s just the last thing to know before drink a fresh Primus: the Marco Tono’s Brewery is really a Km zero factory because his farm has also a deep source of freshwater in the ground that he uses to produce his beers: you cannot be more pretentious! Just drink it!


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Some years ago I decided to follow my heart and…my stomach!

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