Agritur Dalaip Dei Pape

“Dalaip dei Pape” is a peaceful farmhouse which delivers the real taste of Trentino

If the history of a place travelled forward through its flavours and the traditions of its owners, you need to come to San Martino di Castrozza to breathe the real and pure Trentino way of living

“There’s something happening here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.” Those are the words of a 1967 song “For what it’s worth” by the rock band “Buffalo Springfield”. I am borrowing this song to introduce the beautiful tale of a stunning farmhouse, Agritur Dalaip dei Pape, in the Trentino region in the north of Italy. I used this song because, “there’s something happening here,” in this modern age. The more we improve technology and IT systems and become an increasingly futuristic society, the more we’d like to run away from it all, taking refuge in a natural, peaceful, and calm farmhouse. It makes us think, it makes us believe that maybe man needs a special place surrounded by nature to live better.

This farmhouse is precisely this kind of escapism place, and we at Kaataa would like to explain further just what makes Dalaip dei Pape tick. In the XIX century, in the middle of Trentino’s village of Primiero San Martino di Castrozza there was an old dairy farm that a down to earth couple have converted into a farmhouse where you can eat, sleep, buy artisan products, and… be guided on many different trekking routes all around the beautiful wilderness of Trentino’s mountains. The owners are Luciana and Giampietro. She is a strong housewife who raised her sons with the help of her husband. He is still a hero to this day, because in 1976 he took part in an expedition to Dhaulagiri (an 8,000m high mountain in Nepal in the Himalayas) and for long years has been part of the San Martino eagle Alpine Guide team. Giampietro is, without doubt, the perfect guide to take you trekking all around the spectacular valleys of his homeland.

In Dalaip dei Pape you can experience Trentino in 360°; the food, the relaxation, the pathways, and the enlightenment that nature can teach you. Dalaip is a farmhouse which teaches many lessons, where both children and adults can discover nature; her rhythms and how to tend the plants, animals, and fruits.

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Three souls.

First of all, the restaurant, managed by Luciana and Giampietro’s sons, Daniele and Marta. Here, you can taste the delicious km0 products of their farm, from the Tosela of Primiero cheese to the traditional Trentino canederli –  meatballs made with cheese, bread, smoked ham, and vegetables – to the fresh eggs and homemade cakes made with fresh berry jam cultivated in the Daialp’s fields; that’s what you will find on the table of this farmhouse.

The second wonder of Dalaip are the rooms: five different chambers named after typical Alpine plants and the biggest animal of this area, the deer. The aroma of wood brings peace and tranquility, perfect ingredients for you to taste the scent of these mountains.

The third part is the produce. If you visit Dalaip it is impossible to return home without bringing these treasures: km0 berry jam; biscuits made with cornflour, an old tradition of this area that are redolent of the poor and peasant past, thirst-quenching syrup of elder, one of the most highly scented, middle-European flowers from the Austro-Hungarian area.

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I guess there are many reasons to visit Trentino, one of the most improved regions of Italy for km0 tourism that offers visitors close contact with the natural elements and the traditions that men and women have moulded around them over the centuries.


Dalaibi, Primiero, 38054 Tonadico – ITALY




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