What to eat in Barcellona – The Bikini Sandwich

The Bikini at Gula Bar – Barcelona

The bikini sandwich is up there with croquetas and patatas bravas as must order dishes when visiting Barcelona. Traditionally, a slice of cheese and ham are sandwiched between two slices of industrially baked square white bread, grilled, then sliced in half from corner to corner leaving what looks like two bikini bottoms.  It is enjoyed for breakfast or as an accompanying snack for a vermouth pre-lunch. Everyone loves a bikini from suited men to children. Gula Bar is the fun sibling of Santa Gula restaurant up the road. There is an open kitchen where cooks in black t-shirts that say “we know how to play with fire”, come up with creative reinterpretations of everyday dishes. Their ensalada russa, for example, comes with toasted flatbread and smoked eel.  At Gula Bar they have taken the idea of the bikini and run with it. Their version of a bikini is thin buttered brioche bread filled with slow-cooked shredded beef. Instead of the typical triangle shape, it’s shaped like a narrow brick. It helpfully comes on a square of waxed paper so you can pick the whole thing up and tip it into your mouth. Once you try their version, you may not want to return to the traditional format. It’s that good.


Gula Bar – C/ del doctor Rizal, 20 – Barcelona


Suzan Taher

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