Birkemosegaard apple juice

Birkemosegaard Organic farm

The Best Danish Apple Juice

About an hour and a half from the centre of Copenhagen you can immerse yourself in a small hidden paradise: a small green peninsula surrounded by pastures and the blue sea on the horizon where this biodynamic and biology company is born, a small restaurant and mainly a supplier of fruit and vegetables for the most exclusive restaurants in Copenhagen (Noma, Geranium etc etc) and in an imaginary paradise we know we cannot miss apples.

The apple juice produced in this little paradise is worth the trip:

Apple trees grow gently among the pastures of cows, raspberry and strawberry shrubs, cabbages and broccoli in the winter, butterflies and bees mingle with the spring flowers finally give life to this

simple and humble nectar, pure apple juice without any addition that leaves you alone with a question: can I have more?

Birkemosegaard apple juice

Birkemosegaard is a farm from 1906 of a four-generation family nowadays run by Jesper Andersen his wife Kalatrong Apairatana and their five children Catharina, Angeli, Anton, Annika e Benjamin. Jesper took over the farm from his parents in 1992 slowly transforming and developing the farm from a simple farm of 35 dairy cows to today an organic and biodynamic farm

Birkemosegaard is a biodynamic / organic farm and has been present since 1968. At the time, the crew consisted of 35 dairy cows on 13 hectares of land. It has its history that the farm at that time failed to use pesticides and became organic. Jesper’s parents, the then owners, Tove and Svend Andersen had previously only used artificial fertilizers to a lesser extent, since the farm had a large livestock in relation to the area.

In 1964 and 1965, however, they chose to spray against lice infestation in beets. By mistake, the cows broke through the fence and ate the sprayed beets, and then the cows fell ill and many of the pregnant cows were aborted. This experience and concern about groundwater and the environment in general have forced them to make a radical decision not to use pesticides in the future.

Birkemosegård is located on Sjællands Odde between Overby and the port city with water on one side and in an area with a large concentration of organic farmers. Provides good ecological growth conditions for animals and crops.

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Æblemost from biodynamic and organic farming


48 € for 12 bottles of 0.75 l


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