Chlorella & Spirulina superfood shake

This 'Superfoods' shake has innumerable properties and benefits. Let's try it out! These ancient superfoods which are called Chlorella & Spirulina are among the oldest forms of life on Earth and are also one of the most nutrient dense among all the known foods. In fact  they are the most condensed forms of chlorophyll. However,… Read More


Macarena de Castro

Maca de Castro, reinventing Mediterranean cuisine We are facing one of the best chefs in Spain, with an absolutely personal voice and style. Macarena has a unique vision of Mediterranean cuisine and she's one of the female chefs awarded with the michelin star   Her kitchen is absolutely contemporary in terms of the conception of… Read More

Venice foodie guide

Venice foodie guide: where locals eat and drink Looking for Venice restaurants? Explore the sights fuelled by natural wines, squid-ink spaghetti and pear, chocolate and ricotta pie and more in the capital of northern Italy’s Veneto region.   Cantina Do Mori – for cicchetti Visiting Venice without trying cicchetti (the Venetian equivalent of tapas) at… Read More

Creamy melting frozen cheesecake plumcake with crunchy biscuits

Berrylicious pie anyone? Let me show you the secret for an amazing vegan shortbread base with no eggs in it. I bet no one could resist to this temptation! Look at it! Super creamy, flavorful, chocolatey, decadent, sweet and what else? If Heaven would be like this... please get one way ticket for me!  This… Read More

Rob Krawczyk

Rob Krawczyk, something is changing in Irish cuisine Born in County Cork, award winning Irish Chef Rob Krawczyk, grew up in a home in Schull that revolved around the kitchen, influenced by his parent's strong culinary and artistic heritage. After living away, West Corks ’spectacular rich larder is what has drawn Rob home to open… Read More

Paolo Parisi

The Super Eggs of Paolo Parisi: the story and success of a true "creative" "I am a creative. Maybe not in the conventional sense of the term: I don't draw, I don't write novels, I don't compose music. I create good things. Delights for the palate with which other people can play to invent new… Read More

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