Bloom Ice Cream

bloom ice cream

BLOOM, the true essesence of an ice cream

Sleeping Beauty“, “Bicerin“, “Sweet fall“, “Walking in Vignola“: these are some of the unique flavours offered by the Bloom ice cream parlour in Modena – an idea of the young Gianluca Degani – which the prestigious Guide “Gelaterie d’Italia 2019” edited by Gambero Rosso judged, for the third consecutive year, worthy of a score of three cones. That is the highest rating ever, assigned according to extremely strict criteria: imagine that only about 40 ice cream parlours in all of Italy managed to obtain it.


Bloom was born from an idea, by Gianluca Degani, back 2013, that was crazy and ingenious at the same time. His idea was to build his own production method avoiding the use of semi-finished material produced by other laboratories, starting from the processing of the pure ingredient to keep it as natural as possible without the use of any additives.

The flavours of Bloom ice creams range from the great classics of traditional craftsmanship to seasonal fruit, up to creative delights and gastronomic proposals; always evolving and in continuous transformation.

Gianluca wants to bring to the center and the heart of a project of craftsmanship words such as: attention, awareness, respect.

ATTENTION towards the entire production chain. From the simplest product to the most complex one, from the careful selection of raw materials to the aesthetics of the finished products;  anyone who chooses Bloom knows they can count on very high quality standards.

AWARENESS of the customer’s needs and his role as artisans. Matching ethics and aesthetics in our daily work is not just a company mission but our imperative I belief.

RESPECT for the raw material and for the people behind it. Those who choose Bloom know they choose a product made with “real” raw materials from real producers. Only from this starting point can a product that excites be created.


The raw materials derived from milk and fruit are all local products that come from the province of Modena (where the ice cream shop is located), the dried fruits – strictly i.g.p.  – and come from the areas most suited to their cultivation, the most fragrant and the most prestigious and scented cocoa masses, spices, tea and coffee of the world.

Finally we can add that the best way to tell this story is to taste a spoon of their ice cream!

bloom gelato


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