Maria Sole Giannelli – Bulgarelli, tuscan red


Thought for young amateurs, Bulgarelli is part of a new production that is starting soon. It was one of my personal desire to have this wine in our winery, because I think it could be a metaphor of youth: fresh, light and lovely.

This red wine is made around young amateurs: easy to drink with its freshness and minerality, this wine is a “offspring” and natural expression of a 100% Sangiovese. As all the wines I love making, we pick up grapes by hand in small crates at the beginning of September in order to give the wine the right freshness and acidity. To give body and structure to Bulgarelli, we age it for 8 month in concrete vessels.

Bulgarelli Rosso has an intense ruby ​​red color. The nose shows fruity, floral and slightly vinous scents, with light spicy notes. The wine is fresh, has good body and acidity and a long and fruity finish. Drink Bulgarelli as you want, better if in company of friends and something good to eat, and be careful: one glass leads directly to another!


Ficomontanino is located in Chiusi, in Southern Tuscany and extends over 50 hectares, of which 11 are planted with vines. The estate was founded by Ruggero Giannelli in 1970 who initially established it as a stud breeding racehorses. In the 80’s Ruggero discovered the most appropriate place to plant vines and started producing wines, and since 2010 his son Alessandro leads the company, flanked by his passionate daughter Maria Sole who is increasingly more involved in the production philosophy and every day operations.  

In the vineyards, that they manage according to the organic method, they use cover crops, no weeding nor manuring and carry out only preventive treatments with sulfur and copper. All vineyard jobs are done by hand: pruning, tying, removing non-fruit-bearing buds, and of course, harvest – to ensure the best possible quality of grape selection.

In the winery as well the approach is natural and artisanal, with spontaneous fermentations, long ageing on the lees, no fining nor filtration and low levels of sulfur. The wines have a unique sense of place, are extremely enjoyable and fun to drink.

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100% Sangiovese


Maria Sole Giannelli

I’m an italian wine-producer and food-consultant based in Rome and everywhere else around the world. Since 7 years ago my second home is Chiusi, where I took full responsibility of the family estate Ficomontanino, in which we raise horses and make wine. I’m totally for an agriculture that contains the value of respect for “the living” and natural process. For that reason, with our grapers the must becomes wine through spontaneous fermentation, without any use of chemistry, we have just  to have time and patience.


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