Cheese 2019

Cheese 2019: from the cellar to the stars

Bra, one of the pearl of Piedmont, from the 20th to the 23th of September will be crowned by a special event: “Cheese”. This amazing occurrence is the celebration of the italian cheese and other interesting products. The manifestation is organized by Slow Food, an organization focused on preserving, developing and valorising natural old food product and productions that risk to disappear. Every year Slow Food tries his best to make people know about the new “landscapes” of the world of food. 

This year, the 12th edition of the event, the topic is the “fermier” and the importance of the milk made by animals that eat vegetables. Now I’ll try to be clearer. When you eat cheese, on the label of the products you’ll find just three ingredients: milk, salt and rennet. But beside the word “milk” there is a world. In fact the taste of the cheese depends on the herbs that the cow or the sheep or the goat eat and the kind of the enzymes that are used on the preparations. 

Slow Food fights against the homologation of the flavour and the homologation of… the enzymes! That’s why Cheese this year gives a lot of his space to the natural products of the milk and their fermentation: the “fermier”, as I said before. There is another important point that Slow Food wants to underline putting at the centre of the event the milk made by animals that eat vegetables: the upgrading of some territories of Alps and Appenninis that risk to be forsaken forever by the inhabitants. Infact giving value to the natural breeding and mountain pastures lots of land that now are abandoned could be regained and could generate again richness and biodiversity. But the space is not finished at all. It takes a book to describe all the events, meetings and appointments you could find on “Cheese”. Just to know: this year there will be also a special space for women who work with wheat; “Cheese” this year will host also another important theme: the different kind of cereals and yeast; there will be stands focused on natural cold cuts; there will be also an important corner focused on the University of Gastronomique Scienze of Pollenzo. Products and their history are too important to be confined in the cellars of the restaurants and supermarkets. “Cheese” is a manifestation that tries to take all the knowledge about amazing natural products to bring them from the cellar to the mouth and the mind of the audience.


Bra, CN


20-23 September 2019


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