Whole Food Myth

Let’s debunk the myth of the wholegrain: it’s not enough on its own!

Rightly everyone prefers, or should prefer, wholegrain foods over refined ones. The mistake lies in thinking that since it is wholegrain, we can eat in higher quantities. Remember that dehydrated food, like cereals, is caloric regardless of whether it is wholegrain or not. Rumor has it that our grandparents ate better (thought, in part, false) because they ate less processed foods (this, instead, is true). The real difference lies in the fact that they exercised much more. Believe me: it is better to do more sports and eat more refined foods than to be sedentary and eat wholegrain! The best thing would be to combine the two.

If we try to satisfy our hunger by introducing more fibre and minerals, eating simple refined rice with vegetables as a sauce brings the same benefits, if not more, than brown rice. By saying this, I don’t want to demolish a lifestyle that prefers whole foods (which should be consumed daily) but I simply want to tell you to not delude yourself that this is enough to improve your body physique. Among other things, in bran there are anti-nutrient contents that conceal minerals.

If you think that the Glycemic Index is the solution to lose a few centimeters of waistline, know that it is influenced by the amount of fiber, lastly. First it is influenced by the amount of starch, cooking, and the glucose (carbohydrate) quantity.

When buying unrefined grains be sure to get them organic, because agricultural pesticides accumulate on the outside of the grain, which – being whole- is left intact. In addition, many companies refine pasta and then introduce the bran separately to make it whole (more fiber). On the other hand, quinoa, amaranth and oats are always an excellent choice, always sold raw. That said, BALANCE, MODERATION and VARIETY are the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Claudia Cecere

Sky blue eyes, platinum blonde hair and gray, lips that are not very fleshy.
Comfortable shoes, jeans and colorful socks and non-designer bags.
Juventus heart, sporting from birth, illnesses and daily ailments.
Nails strictly with enamel, massages.
I like white, wood and DIY.

I love cooking, eating well and taking care of myself.
I like things that taste of earth, oats, dried fruit butters and raspberries.
Curry, curcuma, ginger, soy sauce, coconut, chicken and rice.

A few years ago I decided to take my life in hand and dedicate myself to my biggest dream: cooking!
Here comes the FIT BAKERY: an artisan shop where you can buy healthy and tasty homemade products. A place where to make healthy cooking that helps people feel better … with taste!


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