Diego Rossi & Pietro Caroli

Trippa Milano. New Wave Trattoria

Diego and Pietro met a few years ago at a dinner party, since then they have cultivated a friendship and a dream, of opening a place where they can make people feel welcome and at ease by preparing them traditional Italian dishes. Today that dream has an address and a name: the Trippa Milano trattoria on Via Giorgio Vasari, 3 (Zona Porta Romana) in Milan. Their ongoing aim is to recreate the warm feeling you get from sampling the home-made foods found in Trattorias, an atmosphere that lends itself to welcoming anyone who enjoys dishes that have the flavour of history and the enthusiastic spirit of two thirty-year-old boys who have chased their dream.

Trippa is an authentic trattoria in the truest sense of the term, but at the same time contemporary, shrouded in an almost magical atmosphere, one that food and wine critics talk about enthusiastically.

The place is smaller than you would imagine: it is very intimate and divided into two warm and welcoming rooms. Trippa is unique because it is like something from the past with few contemporary elements, no blackboard on the walls and the waiting staff don’t wear the standard uniform. Quite simply, it’s a trattoria that defines itself, dotted with small vintage details.

Trippa, with its homely chairs and simple paper tablecloths, has nothing pretentious or ostentatious about it, it’s like being in the old house of an Italian nonna. The menu is made up of interesting dishes such as veal with tuna sauce and “Martini” Fassona veal as well as main courses such as roasted octopus with carrot and cherry cream and the catch of the day. In short, dishes served in trattorias as well as the most popular and well-known recipes.

Diego Rossi, is a thirty year old Venetian chef who has spent fifteen years in the kitchen. After completing hospitality training he put his experience to good use in several well-known kitchens in Northern Italy (including the Bauer hotel’s restaurant in Venice, the Rosa Alpina Hotel’s St Hubertus restaurant in San Cassiano, Badia, the Ferrari winery’s Locanda Margon restaurant in Trento and Le Antiche Contrade restaurant in Cuneo – where he achieved a Michelin Star). He has always been an advocate for sustainable cuisine, typically by using only seasonal fruits and vegetables, by seeking out and using wild herbs for flavouring and by making use of “fifth quarter” products and lesser-known fish.

Pietro Caroli, who studied economics and has ten years experience working in marketing, trade and project management for a multinational company, has never abandoned his passion for cooking and wine. At just over thirty he has extensive knowledge in the world of food and wine, which he has developed both through teaching himself and from managing the singerfood.com blog and is now a well-established Italian blogger. Today he is a restaurateur and owns the Trattoria Trippa and Fratelli Torcinelli – Fornello Pronto restaurants, and has an ongoing passion for good food.



Via Giorgio Vasari, 1, 20135 Milano MI


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