Searching online high and low to find the perfect food and the best food stories?

Us too

We strictly select only the highest quality content and food producers. There is no room for what is not good!

Our expert food writers constantly bring you only the best of the European food scene. To fill your mind with good stories and your belly with good food!

Our approach to vetting & selecting the best

1. We are always searching for new contributors

We are in daily contact with outstanding and skilled international young food writers. 

Through Kaataa they make known  places and stories about the best European food.

2. We vet their work before we publish it

They provide their articles about the European food scene. If they meet our expectations, we verify the story and publish them. That’s one of Kaataa’s main asset!

3. We are constantly discovering new producers

Thanks to our contributors, we constantly discovering new producers, innovative people… just like us!

Most of the time they’re small to medium size and they risk to be wiped out by the digital revolution … we just try to help them to get known.

4. We always send someone from the team to meet the new producers

When we like a producer, we meet personally. Our experts taste their products, check the production, evaluate and assess the producer.

When we are sure about the story behind the producer and the quality of their food … there can be room in the Kaataa’s selection for them.

5. Kaataa ensures that only the best products are available to buy

Kaataa helps producers to sell within the European market, respecting their production availability and seasonality.

We take care of shipping, secure payment processing and customer care for them. There are no intermediaries. Products go directly from the producers’ store to you, at a fair price. Your money goes directly on the producers bank account!

6. We only choose producers that share our vision

Not all producers can be part of Kaataa. Only a select few have the products and stories we are looking for!

Ethics guide our whole strategy, starting from the price policy, product selection, up to the relationship with our producers.

You’re in a good company!

We might be new, but the people who back us are some of the most finest and renewed food writer in Europe. So you’re in solid company.


We’d love to hear from you

Are you an influencer? Do you love food and would you like to write about it?
Are you a producer and want to make yourself known?
Don’t be shy, drop us a line!


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