Adriana Marczewska

Adriana Marczewska: the enfant prodigy of Polish traditional cuisine

Big green eyes, colored tattoos, and a bright smile. Could you have ever imagined this was the portrait of Polish traditional cuisine? Adriana Marczewska, the young star of Top Chef, Kitchen +, Drooling and many other TV shows, has given a new life to many specialties born during Poland’s difficult recent years.

Her mother once asked her, “If anything was possible, what would you like to do?” Adriana’s answer can now be clearly seen. She holds successful seminars and meetings about culinary art, she has been the chef at many important restaurants, she takes part in many TV shows, and she constantly surprises her followers with her natural, original, and healthy creations through her social channels.

Her dreams are now her daily life.

Cooking has always been part of her essence. It all started when she was just a kid and she helped her grandparents prepare bread and other home-made recipes in a coal stove, while also cultivating tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs in their garden. Preparing meals became a sort of family ritual that accompanied Adriana even when, at 16 years of age, she left her hometown to move to Warsaw.

At that time, cooking traditional dishes was something that made her feel she was home and the best way to get relaxed at the end of the day. She started inviting her friends to dinner and they were so impressed by her offerings that they started ordering meals and paying for them. Without even realizing it, she ended up cooking for big events with thousands of guests and that’s how her catering society, “Good Food For You,” was born.

Becoming a chef at 22 years old was just the beginning of a brilliant career based on the research of new tastes and the study of old recipes, from traditional pre-war dishes that were served in the typical eateries, to the poor and raw specialties born during the soviet years.

Managing WuWu Bistro at the Warsaw Vodka Museum gave her the chance to continue her journey into Polish tradition and to spread her country’s genuine identity to young people and foreign visitors alike. The menu created by Adriana was a mix of childhood memories, tradition, and healthy ingredients and the final touch was, of course, … vodka! Every specialty has been combined with a particular type of vodka, because you cannot experience Polish culture without having a shot (or more than one)!  Adriana left WuWu last December. Her journey never ends; she needs to continue with her rediscovery of old recipes as well as the exploration of new, exotic tastes while she participates in TV shows and shares her new ideas.

Her volcanic energy cannot be confined to the kitchen. The aromas and tastes of her childhood always guide her in constant research of healthy and fresh ingredients. She personally meets producers and visits sustainable companies in order to promote natural products, like the ones she found in her grandparents’ garden. She also wishes to create urban gardens and involve kids in projects related to nature and healthy habits.

This unstoppable young woman, chef, and TV star has another big dream; promoting girl power in the culinary world, where sexism still exists.

After watching the “Goddesses of Food” documentary, she felt she had to give concrete help to all the talented women that want to follow their dreams and become affirmed chefs. That’s why she has launched a campaign that will involve 12 powerful women. They will be photographed by Monika Szałek in their kitchens, homes, and ordinary lives and through these portraits, Adriana will raise the profile of their visions, their strengths and their creativities and will talk about their dreams and projects, in order to raise awareness about women’s potential.

The second step of this impressive campaign consists of the selection of 12 talented junior females who will perform a stage with the 12 adult chefs and have the chance to learn from them and improve their skills. It’s really surprising to see how Adriana naturally evolves and creates a magical and successful atmosphere around everything she does, and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

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