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Agriturismo Ferdy. Tradition, family, territory, authenticity.

Sometimes a family can write an history unawares. Sometimes it takes just some dreams to create something special. We are talking about the unusual and fabulous Ferdy’s farmhouse. 


In 1989 Fernando and Cinzia decided to buy 12 horses to breed in her farm in Val Brembana, a beautiful valley in the italian region of Lombardy, reachable by 1 hour of car from Milano: this is the embryo of their history. Well, the years passed and began the evolution. They decided in the 1994 to buy some Orobic goats, a kind of goat that survive in that mountain area of Italy, able to live many months on the mountains eating only spontaneous herbs of the wild pastures and producing a milk with amazing organoleptic properties. The path was drawn down: in 1997 the farm added a farmhouse with some guest-rooms and a restaurant creating a perfect link between the pastures, the herbs, the mountain, the goat and the food the customer eat on the Ferdy’s table. Their success grow up and they began to be a landmark for those who wanted to eat or produce natural food connected with the territory. 

That’s why the schools sent their students to visit Ferdy’s farmhouse: to let the children to get in touch with a natural farmhouse an to let them discover the natural cycles of the life in the mountains.

In the 2004 Cinzia and Ferdy with the help of their sons, Alice and Nicolò, decided to create a detachment of their farmhouse in a valley just beside Val Brembana: Val d’Inferno. In that place they breed goats and cultivate medicinal and pot herbs. Now you can say that from a simple meadow, the place where Ferdy was born, there is a paradise: infact Ferdy’s farmhouse now is a natural and holistic restaurant with a big dairy laboratory that produce raw milk cheeses of orobic goats, an area destined to the cultivation and the processing of medical herbs, a place where you can do horse riding in amazing mountain landscape and… a spa! Yes because Cinzia decided to offer to her customers a place where they can enjoy relax and detente from the big city stress with the helps of the flavour of the mountain herbs, the relaxing power of the milk serum and the hay.

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If you want to bring to home a place of this amazing corner of Lombardy why don’t you buy some of their product? We of Kaataa want to give to you some advice. First of all you must try their goat cheese ( who deserved in the 2015 the Bra international cheese exhibition for the “Dairy resistance”). But there’s more. Let yourself be surrounded by the wild flavour of the ragù made by the meat of the Bruna Alpina cow ( a particular breed of cow of this region) or let yourself be astonished by the Bruna Alpina salami. There are other amazing products to bring to home that we cannot mention because we would mess up the surprise, but we must mention only the Bresaola, a typical salami from the north of Italy very very low in fats and really tasty.

Now it’s time to take the car with a big trunk and come to visit with your family this corner of Italy. You’ll be grateful to Kaataa, I swear!


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Localita’ Fienili, 24010 Lenna BG (Italy)


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