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Al mercato burger milano

Milano Burger Show: a guide to the best spots in the city

I know, you probably think Italy is all about pasta and pizza and you’re probably not wrong, but did you know what’s the next big Italian thing? Burgers!Nope, I’m not joking: it’s a real craze over here and Milan, the city where it all happens, now really has some of the best places to eat burgers… in a country where food is religion! Here’s your guide to the best spots in Milan. Trust me: you can’t miss these if you’re a true burger lover.



Small but mighty! Exactly: in this tiny spot not too far from the popular Navigli area, a couple of gourmet chefs decided to put together the ultimate high quality burgers. No, Al Mercato is no fast food restaurant, but a real (not so) hidden gem where you can eat some of the best hand made burgers with the most original combinations of local ingredients. Make sure you get your mouth ready, because their big stack burgers aren’t easy to fit in there.


The other good ones…

Rock Burger: rock music inspired tasty burgers, hand made by some big tattooed guys.

Tripburger: exotic meats from all over the World in an up and coming area of the city.

Burger Wave: this chain is a burger lover surfer paradise, Down Under style!

Flower Burger: the vegan/vegetarian population of Milan is happily daily fed in here, with no meat!

Denzel: Washington Boulevard (no kidding!) is where you’ll find a true gem for Kosher burgers.

Trita: tiny spot with simply good meat between slices of good bread and fresh toppings.

Macelleria Popolare: not just a butcher, this local market stall has the tastiest beef patties.


Al Mercato – Via S.Eufemia, 16  20122 Milano

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My name is Alex, aka TheKitchenMoFo,  I’m a food enthusiast and a restaurant owner who was born in Milan in the very early 80’s. You’ll see me on social media making, eating and talking food; I never take myself too seriously, but I still treat food with massive respect. I proud myself for being the first to bring the traditional Italian Piadina to Ireland with my street food restaurant DinaDina: yes, I collected a couple of awards but don’t call me chef, I hate it!


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