Author: Ilaria Venturi


Fabian Spiquel

Story of a journey that changes your life Travelers know it: leaving one's comfort zone, breaking out of routines and giving into the unknown, just

Asparagus: a timeless sign of spring

Creative uses for Asparagus Fragrant, delicate, and rejuvenating, asparagus share many qualities with springtime. Perhaps it's no surprise, then, that they're the vegetable that best

Culture and cuisine in Cork

This “safe harbour for ships” offers plenty for the palate   Like so many Irish cities, the origins of Cork are modest and murky.  Its


Andalucia, the magnificent splendor of the South   Andalucia is dangerous. This land is blessed by all four elements, and beauty explodes in every single

Caterina Ceraudo

The silent revolution of Caterina Ceraudo screams “girl power!” The Italian Region of Calabria is a land made of contrasts. Its story is, at times,