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Val Rendena Brewery, Claudio and Paolo craftsmen by tradition

In the Trentino valleys, in particular those not fit for growing vines to produce wine, in the past the tradition of beer production was very widespread, especially at household level, also aimed at integrating the often poor family economy, in order to recover this ancient tradition.

Claudio and Paolo are two twin brothers, owners of the Brewery. From an early age they helped their grandparents to put into practice that art, so fascinating but at the same time challenging and delicate, of craft beer production. And those memories have given rise to a common passion and an ambition: to open a small craft beer factory where they produce very high quality beers, made according to tradition and with carefully selected raw materials. This is how the craft mountain beer of the Val Rendena Brewery was born.

Val Rendena

They make beers in classic German style. To the palate they are the most simple and drinkable, but the most complex ones to produce: especially in the lagers, unlike the other styles where the hop covers possible must defects, every slightest imperfection is most evident. It is necessary to pay attention and be rigorous in every phase of production, without the chance of making mistakes. Seemingly simple, fundamentally complex! Only the highest quality raw materials, only production processes that respect the necessary time, so much care and attention: the REAL mountain beer made as it should be made, and tasting it makes you think of the land where it’s produced!

And finally the water, the essential raw material for making a good beer. Their water, the water of the Adamello springs, near the Brenta Dolomites: as pure as the environment in which our beer is produced, as light as the air we breathe up here, as cold as the glaciers from which it comes. Genuine, candid beers, respectful of tradition, but with some innovation: the brand new production and bottling plant, the quest for new products for an evolving market.

The other raw materials used in the production process are also fundamental. The malt is imported directly from a small malthouse, located in northern Bavaria. The product purchased is of the highest quality, and guarantees excellent processing performance. Hops are purchased directly from a small agricultural consortium located in Bavaria, in the area of Hallertau, the world’s hop homeland. They are also planning the study of the use of the Trentino hops. The yeast is always kept fresh and ready for use in the production laboratory. The original strains come from Bavarian breweries.

Val Rendena Beer


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Birrificio Val Rendena