Cà Mariuccia

Ca’ Mariuccia, the ethical farm in the heart of Monferrato

Ca’ Mariuccia is a company, but it is also a farmhouse and an institution at the local level and beyond. We are located in the heart of Monferrato, in Albugnano in the province of Asti. The objective is to give the opportunity of a second home, even for those who cannot have one. Conviviality and the feeling of family, make this farm a place where you want to return.

“Conviviality and the feeling of family, make this farm a place where you want to return.”


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Albugnano is known as the balcony of Monferrato. It is no coincidence that from here you have an unparalleled view of the Alps and the surrounding vineyards. This territory was inhabited by the Romans and became an important outpost in the medieval period. Today it is the place where Ca’ Mariuccia produces its specialities in an environmentally sustainable way. A classic farmhouse like the ones one would admire at the end of the 19th century. In fact, it feels like being in a painting wandering around the property.

Ca’ Mariuccia is a dynamic company that does not limit itself to sustainable production, but uses its products in the menu of the adjoining agriturismo. A restaurant that translates the cuisine of Monferrato into dishes using exclusively locally-sourced ingredients. Fresh vegetables and fruit, straight from their garden to the plate. A respect for food that spills over into dishes that look like works of art. An attention to detail that is good for the body, the soul and also the environment, respecting and loving it as if it were an adopted child.

“Fresh vegetables and fruit, straight from their garden to the plate.”

A project that includes a space where products can be resold both online and in close contact with customers, through markets and events. A way of creating a relationship that goes beyond the simple purchase. At the same time, they have decided to develop a School of Natural Farming. The aim is to spread knowledge of their world, where respect for nature and the development of self-production are the foundations of a new philosophy of life that is good for the planet.

Cà Mariuccia is more than an ethical farm, it goes beyond the concept of sustainable production. The aim is to go beyond the borders and they manage to do this through associations such as Albugnano 549. A number that represents the height of the village, but also encompasses what makes up the association itself. Four (4) municipalities where nine (9) vine-dressers came together on the 5th of April to start this new adventure, all to promote knowledge of Albugnano DOC, an unrivalled Nebbiolo.



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