Cantina Ribelà

Cantina Ribelà

Cantina Ribelà. Young, wild and free winemakers

Pentima dei frati, a small independent valley located in a place with centuries-old winemaking tradition called Frascati, was chosen by a couple of young winemakers to make a dream come true: build up a small winery where to make excellent natural wines, named Cantina Ribelà.

Frascati is an idyllic city and comune in the Metropolitan City of Rome in the Lazio region of central Italy. The town itself has a charming historic centre, and an impressive view overlooking Rome. Frascati is famous for its white wine and villas, and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy both when you visit. Though for obvious reasons, it’s better to save the wine for last!

The choice of this location is justified with the aim of resuming the wine tradition of such a stratified and complex territory and to bring it to a more “human” dimension – in terms of vineyard – and “modern” production – in terms of wine.

Ribelà wineyard

Cantina Ribelà was founded by two young people full of passion, Chiara– a graduate in the field of philosophy and a ten-year experience in food & beverage nurtured her passion for wine in a different and somehow complementary way, and Daniele– a graduate in architecture who has found his way of resilience by taking care of a piece of land and carrying out an ancient and artisan activity. Such a combination of their background, with different fields of study and with interesting experiences obviously results in the production of quality wines.

The name “Ribela” derives from a dialectal term used in Monte Porzio Catone, which means to cover the newly planted vines with earth. The gesture of hilling the land around the vine with a hoe or a spade is not only the symbol of a new beginning, but also of continuous renewal of what is meant to be a great wine-growing history to be taken care of.

Chiara and Daniele farm two hectares of old vines – from 30 to 60 years,320 m above sea level – on a pergola and in rows together with a hectare of olive grove and orchard. The vineyard was bought in 2014, while the land for the new red grapes and the winery were acquired in 2016. In a production process which is mostly handmade, all wines are obtained by spontaneous fermentation on autochthonous yeast in an open vat, not filtered nor clarified and do not include adjuvants and chemical additives.

It must be said that for the wine production they use only typical grape varieties of area, such as: Malvasia from Candia and Lazio, Yellow, Tuscan and Green Trebbiano, Bombino and Bellone for white wines; common Cesanese, Aleatico, Sangiovese and Montepulciano for red wines.

Ribolie 2015

Keep an eye on these two young winemakers, they have culture and desire to change the rules. With their way of doing things they are slowly revolutionizing an entire wine area, showing that one can remain faithful to traditions, but in a new and more human way. And their wines are the most direct demonstration.

This is why Cantina Ribela choosed a balloon like a symbol. A vehicle that, in addition to offering you a different point of view on the world, allows you to move towards the desired direction only in accordance with the weather conditions.

…… in their way of making wine, they say “a good story and a suitable place for quality wines”, and their wines are, definitely are, full of qualities!

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Cantina Ribelà