The Caponata by Ferrante Brothers

Caponata: a touch of a sicilian summer all year long

Caponata recipe brings us to our childhood, when we used to go to our field, harvest the best vegetables during summertime and preparing Caponata with our grandparents.

Caponata is a mix of vegetables like eggplants, bell peppers, onions, celery, olives with a nice, gentle sweet and sour raisins, to give complexity, and a handful of Mandorle di Noto – real Noto Almonds, Slow Food Presìdia – to give crunchiness and delight. The final and nice touch is a drop of Tonda Iblea cultivar extra virgin olive oil.

We still produce it only in summer and then it’s available all year long, to bring the best summer taste on your table. Great as a side, on a bruschetta or paired with preserved fish. We love to say that our family Caponata is the taste of summer in Sicily, everywhere and anytime.

There are few secrets to make a tasty canned food: one is the acid component, important to preserve food during the year, and for that reason they only use organic vinegar or lemon juice from their lemon trees; another (and fundamental!) component are ingredients and their seasonality: if you pick ingredients during their right season you’ll be sure about the tasty and intense flavour of the recipe. Once you pick them (all the picking, washing and cutting of ingredients are made by hand) and process them immediately the result is for sure tasty and full of flavour, as only the right season of a vegetable or a fruit can gives you. This is why all the product from Ferrante laboratory are made with vegetable or fruit directly from their organic certificated garden or from farmers with ethical principles and respect of natural life and worker’s right.

Ferrante brothers are young and related to innovations, but they trust in what their family teach them, so they are firmly believe in making things with respect and soul. You can be innovative only if you know where you came from… and in Sicily, this stunning island, gives you untouchable solid roots.

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A mix of vegetables (eggplant, pepperoni, onion, celery), olive oil, vinegar, almonds from Noto, sultanas.


As it is, a tasty side dish. It’s also excellent combined with fish.


Ferrante Brothers

We are Stefano and Tommaso Ferrante, brothers and partners in crime! Stefano is a gastronomist, who got his degree at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, while Tommaso is an agronomist, graduated at the University of Tropical and Subtropical Sciences in Catania.

We are from Sicily, land of sun, sea, strong traditions and hard roots, and of course a deep culture around food! Our parents always infused in us the love for nature and his best products, that’s why we decided to melt our knowledge and passion for good – authentic food – creating our laboratory, were we reinvent the tradition with our recipes.

In Kaataa wa aim to show you Sicily through the use of autoctone ingredients, processing them with a new touch, to introduce you old recipes in new clothes.


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