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Pecorino cheese, the tasty heart of Sardinia meadows

There are some foods that exceed the normality that crosses the concept of “feeding” landing to the poetry, to the art, to the history. For example, if you eat oysters, you are not only eating a clam, you are diving in the Normandy sea, getting lost in the flavours of seaweeds and the rhythmic movement of the tide. You can say it’s the same thing when you eat Pecorino cheese. It’s not only sheep cheese. It’s the journey of the shepherd in the mountains, it’s the slow dance of the grassy meadows when the wind blows.

It’s about this cheese we want to talk but we need to travel until Sardinia, one of the biggest islands of Italy just in the middle of Tyrrhenian Sea. It’s the most famous island in Italy for the sheep cheese. Beautiful landscapes contended by the sea and the mountains, the best place to breed the soft white animals who make the tasty milk used to produce the Pecorino. In particular, there is a city of Sardinia —  Borore — where for two hundred years it’s the symbol  of the production of Pecorino in the world.

Today we want to talk about this delicious show: the Daga and Sias families. Since 1920 they transform the milk of 10.000 sheep in different kinds of cheese. But a long history, a long family tradition, to keep alive during the centuries needs to change, to renovate her structure. They converted all the production in a biological way to exploit the best they can from the natural flavours of the amazing lands of Marghine (the area where Bororeis established): taste their cheeses and you’ll feel the difference.

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The Pecorino cheese is made in the right quantity to satisfy the national and international requests but always paying attention to the quality: this is a very hard goal to achieve.

There are lots of ways to cook “Pasta alla carbonara”. The ingredients are amazingly simple: pasta, eggs, bacon and… pecorino. The difference is made by the technique of the chef and, obviously, by the quality of the ingredients. The Dago and Sias family challenge the culinary passion to cook the carbonara with their Pecorino. Do you accept the challenge?

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Località Elias, 08016 Borore NU – ITALY



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