Cocoa Benefits

Cocoa, the food of the gods!

Let’s talk about the extraordinary properties of cocoa; it is nutritious and energetic, it contains proteins, lipids and small quantities of starches.


The cocoa plant originates from the Orinoco and Amazon rivers and was already cultivated by the Mayans who used its seeds as their currency. In other populations, cocoa seeds were burned as incense in religious celebrations. The Aztecs used cocoa seeds as well as as a currency also as a food and it was a valuable food, which only the richest people could afford.

Contains magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium and phosphorus, trace elements such as iron, copper, zinc, nickel, fluorine and selenium, very important for the thyroid. It also contains B vitamins and provitamin A.

The energy given by cocoa is due to 3 alkaloids, caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. Cocoa has an anti-aging effect, contains polyphenols (chemical compounds that fight the action of free radicals) which regulate blood pressure. It is rich in essential fatty acids and enzymes that stimulate the metabolism. It is good for the heart and memory, it helps the production of good cholesterol and the decrease of bad cholesterol.

It is excellent for the mood, the cocoa bean contains substances that release happiness and well-being into our body. That’s why when we feel sad and stressed we go in search of chocolate.

The best thing is to use raw cocoa, as industrial cocoa is full of added sugars and poor quality fats. The one that comes closest to real cocoa flavor is that of 85% concentration and above, all the rest would like to be eliminated.

The Mayans and the Aztecs consumed cocoa without sweetening it, it was only with the arrival in Europe that the industries unfortunately began to sweeten it with raw sugar, honey or brown sugar. Raw cocoa has been scientifically proven to contain up to 20 times more antioxidants than red wine and up to 30 times more than green tea and prunes.

In conclusion, consume the cocoa choosing it of quality, without sugar and in moderation, perhaps inserting it in cakes, cupcakes, brownies and smoothies.

Happy cocoa consumption at all!


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