Curtice Brothers

Curtice Brothers’ Ketchup. A deeply rustic taste of tomatoes, authentic and fresh

What do you put on gourmet hamburgers? For Curtice Brothers, a Vienna-based brand of organic ketchup, the ubiquity of factory-made options is an insult to high quality meat. “It’s not just about health: we wanted to eat the best ketchup in the world” says Mario Bauer, one of the founders of the brand.


The Curtice Brothers company was founded by Edgar and Simeon Curtice in 1868 in Rochester, New York. The two brothers launched production of their tomato ketchup from a small grocery store and soon expanded successfully across America.  Using the fresh produce from their store and developed the recipe for their famous Tomato Ketchup which was said to have the richest flavor – like red-ripe tomatoes in a bottle. Their brand, unfortunately, disappeared around the 1940’s.

During their travels, a group of friends kept noticing an annoying lack of alternatives to stale processed industrial ketchup. Early in 2014 they decided to bring the Curtice Brothers’ brand back to life and raise the bar for ketchup through the careful selection and use of fresh organic ingredients.

So, with the same passion and thorough research they re-created Curtice Brothers’ (founded 2015) once famous Ketchup. They use the freshest ingredients sourced from local Tuscan certified organic farms, where a great respect for nature and tradition is still evident and fundamental to provident farming without the need for chemicals.

So they began to cook, they experimented with the wildest recipes, tasted the worst and the best outcomes, drank too much wine, danced around the kitchen and learned how to squeeze more than 15 tomatoes into one small bottle. They love to cook and they know that the right combination of patience, passion and good ingredients are necessary to create a great meal, a delicious condiment, a real ketchup. They don’t want our ketchup to end up on some dull sandwich but on a freshly prepared burger or a great steak; their ketchup is best enjoyed with food that you eat for fun, not on the run. They cook their ketchup for people who recognize the contradiction between high quality and low price, people who buy their vegetables from the farmer, not the discounter, people who don’t follow trends but create them. Wikipedia delivered a brief elaboration on the terminology and a small picture of a ketchup advertisement by the Curtice Brothers from 1868. Without any particular intention, They followed this nostalgic reference and found that this brand with its very romantic touch had been abandoned. So they decided to continue their story and became the new Curtice Brothers.


They currently produce and sell Organic Tomato Ketchup (vegan), Organic Free-Range Mayonnaise, Organic Chilli Ketchup (vegan). Due to the ingredients, the ketchup is considerably healthier than factory made alternatives. The team’s recipe contains around 50 per cent less sugar and salt than its industrial counterparts. The ketchup owes its distinct flavour to tomatoes (77 per cent compared to Heinz’s 17 per cent), balsamic vinegar, apple, onion, star anise, cinnamon, ginger, garlic, mustard seeds and white pepper. All of the ingredients are grown organically and then stewed together in Tuscany.

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