Davide Vignato Winery

Davide Vignato Winery. Great volcanic wines

An organic and historic wine, with a volcanic soul.  This authentic wine from the town of Gambellara, produced on Davide Vignato’s vineyards, has a long and fascinating family history spanning over three generations but still has many more pages to write.


On the border between Verona and Vicenza, a small, now extinct volcano, gives the terrain its profusion of black basalt rocks and mineral soils and these are echoed in the delicious and elegant wines. 

Continuing the journey embarked on by his grandfather Rinaldo and his father Gian Domenico, Davide started picking grapes and turning them into wine from a very young age. His dream has always been to produce wines that are a true reflection of the territory. He removed any chemical elements from the vineyard and cellar, embracing organic farming.


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The main grape used in the vineyard is Garganega, from which the typical wines of the territory are produced: Gambellara Classico Doc Col Moenia and Gambellara Classico Doc El Gian in addition to Recioto di Gambellara Classico Docg. The first two are fresh and mineral white wines with a modern taste, the third is a raisin wine produced from bunches of grapes left to dry in the “Picai” cellar. 

Also made from Garganega grapes, Davide Vignato produces a sparkling wine sur lie “Primo Incontro”, ideal for an aperitif. The other “volcanic fizzes” in the cellar is the “Cuvée dei Vignato”, a refined sparkling, made from the Durella grape using traditional methods, where it is aged on the lees for at least 40 months and is a splendid table companion from the beginning to the end of the meal.

In Davide’s vineyard he follows ancient and innovative practices now forgotten by the modern wine industry that prefers products that are always the same; standardized and easily reproducible. Each wine by Davide Vignato is a small discovery of a stretch of Gambellara and its strongly identifying wines. 

Have you ever tasted a real volcanic wine? Two reasons to do it as soon as possible: Davide Vignato’s winery is just 500 steps from the Gambellara volcano; moreover, the simple beauty of this small Venetian village will remain in your heart forever.


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