Enrica Panariello, aka Chiapassion

Chiarapassion, the  food blogger winner of “Kaataa Digital Award 2019 FOOD”

Neapolitan transplanted to Rome, Enrica Panariello is known in the greedy world of food bloggers as Chiarapassion and is, as she calls herself, “a blogger passionate about cooking and fashion”. She loves to “meddle” and, in honor of the motto “eat first with the eyes and then with the palate”, she loves to cook traditional Italian dishes by “dressing them” with a Fashion of Taste interpretation. She is also passionate about travel, always with a gourmet theme, to which she has dedicated a section of the blog. 


How and when was your blog born?

Chiarapassion was born thanks to Instagram. I posted the photos of the dishes I made, and the people who followed me asked me for recipes, so they encouraged me to open a blog to share this passion. On Chiarapassion.com I have an album where I collect all my recipes.

Why did you choose the name “Chiarapassion”?

Because mine is a Clear-Passion for beautiful things that make life happy.

How would you define your style online?

Traditional and Fashion. I like to cook dishes related to the flavors of my land, to the history of my family, because through food you also express your self. I like to “dress” the Neapolitan traditional dishes in a fashion interpretation.

The ingredient you love to cook and the one that least inspires you?

As a good Neapolitan, I love the bronze-drawn Gragnano pasta, which stays cooked to perfection. The ingredient that just doesn’t inspire me is snails, but I can always change my mind!

How important is aesthetics for you, and how much the taste, in a recipe?

For me, aesthetics and taste go hand in hand. A beautiful dish creates high expectations and if the taste is not up to it then it is a real disappointment; an aesthetically non-beautiful but tasty dish is good; a beautiful and good dish satisfies all the senses.

The role of food blogger, from passion has turned into a job, for many: is it the same for you too?

When I opened Chiarapassion I never thought I could turn a passion into a job and now that it’s happening I’m happy because it’s something I do with real passion, to which I dedicate most of my time, which stimulates me so much, and that makes me want to always improve.


Jana Hoyt Kreilein

My name is Jana, and I’m the one behind the Instagram account the.wine.girl.

4 years ago I decided I wanted to work in the wine business. Thing is… I didn’t have any experience, and if I was being honest, I didn’t even know that much about wine! What I did know is that I liked it, I probably wouldn’t ever get bored of it, and that it’s one of those things, like food or music, that brings people together.


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