DS Bio Winery

DS Bio Winery. The courage to be unique!

Danilo Scenna is a young producer who combined his two great passions: wine and horses, to give life to a project called D.S. bio. He  started to cultivate autochthonous wines in the Comino Valley, in Pescosolido, on the slopes of the Abruzzo Lazio and Molise National Park; at first it began to recover the old family vineyards ungrafted with the ancient farming system: married grapevine to an olive tree; later expanded the company by planting new vineyards.

The farm is located at 630 meters above sea level, where soil and weather conditions create a unique environment for viticulture. Biodiversity plays a key role in the company philosophy; the vineyards are located within a few kilometers in small plots and are surrounded by centuries-old olive groves, holm oak and oak woods.

This farm uses neither chemical fertilizers nor herbicides. The only products used are biodynamic preparations and is certified by Demeter.

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Via Piana, Pescosolido, Frosinone Italy - 03030