Goccie Xtra – Sicilian fermented chilli sauce

A spicy Louisiana style sauce, made in Sicily

We love spicy food, we love fermented food. We had to do something that satisfies our passion, so we simply created a fermented pepper sauce. We use a mix of many varieties of chilies (Cayenna, Habanero, Naga Moric, Carolina Reaper) we grow and let this mixture spontaneusly ferment with Sicilian Sea Salt from Trapani (it’s a Slow Food Presìdia).

After the lactic fermentation ends we obtain our sauce: the sauce won’t be as hot as the pepper mixture, but all the aroma of the different peppers will be in there. We use it on raw fish, oysters, raw meat, legumes, even on desserts and it’s special for a touch in cocktails.

It’s the only fermented pepper sauce made in Europe.

Our fermentated chilli sauce is inspired by the spicy sauces of louisiana. The chilli peppers fermently spontaneous for 3 months, then to be added with vinegar and separated from the solid part.
The result is a brilliant and intense red sauce, where the chilli fruity, the lactic notes of the fermentation and the light acidity of vinegar contributes to create a single season that can accompany any nature plates.

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Fermented chilli sauce


Just few drops give complexity to raw seafood, to sashimi of fish, to meat and legumes soups. It is a sauce that can be also used mixed with alcoholic products to add a spicy touch to cocktails.


Ferrante Brothers

We are Stefano and Tommaso Ferrante, brothers and partners in crime! Stefano is a gastronomist, who got his degree at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, while Tommaso is an agronomist, graduated at the University of Tropical and Subtropical Sciences in Catania.

We are from Sicily, land of sun, sea, strong traditions and hard roots, and of course a deep culture around food! Our parents always infused in us the love for nature and his best products, that’s why we decided to melt our knowledge and passion for good – authentic food – creating our laboratory, were we reinvent the tradition with our recipes.

In Kaataa wa aim to show you Sicily through the use of autoctone ingredients, processing them with a new touch, to introduce you old recipes in new clothes.


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