The Dutch capital of bicycles

Groningen is a capital city of the province of the same name in the Netherlands. It is known worldwide for its modern architecture and its renowned university. Beyond the center you can find a thriving agricultural community, where the only means used is the bicycle.

“In the heart of the city alone, there are 145 kilometers of bike lanes that students use every day on their way to the university.”

This is a very young city, where the population under the age of 35 represents half of the total. Like many northern European countries, it is also a very happy place, where stress is below the levels of many other states. Groningen is perfect for a vacation of relaxation and culture. The historic center in fact, offers the opportunity to visit many museums, but also historical buildings of great beauty.

In the early days, Groningen was only a village of farmers dedicated to agricultural activities. In the Middle Ages it became an important commercial hub, but wars destroyed much of the ancient village. Among the main places of interest to visit in the historical center, today forbidden to cars and therefore completely pedestrian and cycle friendly, there is the market square. Grote Markt is the place where the most important buildings of the city are located. St. Martin’s church with its famous Martinitoren bell tower is one of the most visited attractions.

“The Italian brand has arrived here, thanks to the architect Mendini, who designed the museum in Groningen.”

Located near the central station, it is one of the first works you can admire once you arrive in the city. An architectural composition inspired by the interaction of different arts, which is exactly what you will find inside. The Little Amsterdam of the North, as it is also called, succeeds in uniting modernity with history, in a union where the canals mark the rhythm of the days. 

Recently it has succeeded in making its name known also in the gastronomic field. There are many restaurants that offer the possibility to taste typical and local food. Dutch cuisine offers various culinary ideas, but absolutely not to be missed is the rye bread with raw herring and onions; it is the traditional breakfast along with pancakes and apple pie. For a substantial lunch, the right dish is Stamppot; smoked sausage with mashed potatoes and vegetables according to seasonality, covered with house sauces.


Patrizia, born in 1992, graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico of Milano. I’ve always loved this world of stories, stories and construction techniques, but what really didn’t convince me was the idea of spending my life between subway trips, fixed schedules, patterns and habit. It was exactly in front of the possibility of having a permanent contract that I decided to leave for America. To do what, you may be wondering? To realize the first of my many dreams: being a cook. And here I am, writing stories of my travels, of the people I met during my transoceanic trips and handing down the recipes of the dishes I taste around the world.

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