Hamerica’s – Milan


Milano Burger Show: a guide to the best spots in the city

I know, you probably think Italy is all about pasta and pizza and you’re probably not wrong, but did you know what’s the next big Italian thing? Burgers!Nope, I’m not joking: it’s a real craze over here and Milan, the city where it all happens, now really has some of the best places to eat burgers… in a country where food is religion! Here’s your guide to the best spots in Milan. Trust me: you can’t miss these if you’re a true burger lover.



Does Milan need a good fa(s)t food place? Yes, because it doesn’t hurt to treat yourself to some no stress “bad” food: it’s good for your mind and you can always burn it by walking it off doing some shopping in the city centre! Hamerica’s is the place to go if you wanna feel the classic atmosphere of a  good old school American diner without being tacky. Their bulky super juicy burgers (and God bless their potato buns) for all tastes and their good selection of beers will get you the perfect meal match. They have a few locations around the city too, so there’s no way you can miss it!


Hamerica’s – Via Terraggio 11/13, Milano

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My name is Alex, aka TheKitchenMoFo,  I’m a food enthusiast and a restaurant owner who was born in Milan in the very early 80’s. You’ll see me on social media making, eating and talking food; I never take myself too seriously, but I still treat food with massive respect. I proud myself for being the first to bring the traditional Italian Piadina to Ireland with my street food restaurant DinaDina: yes, I collected a couple of awards but don’t call me chef, I hate it!


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