How to choose Cereal for breakfast

Cereals for breakfast:  which ones to choose

Enough, starting today I won’t have breakfast at the café anymore!” On the shelves of supermarkets the offer of breakfast cereals is vast. But often, unknowingly, the cereals sold are full of sugar and sweeteners, which are practically doing the same “damage” as the typical croissant in the café.

I wish to say that no food should be demonized and that sometimes even the croissant is fine and is good for our brain!

Here are some RULES to learn how to choose them:
  1. THE BEST ONES ARE THOSE WITH GENUINE INGREDIENTS: it will seem absurd but the less ingredients there are in a finished product, the better. First, know that the ingredients are shown on the label in descending order. “Sugar and various syrups of glucose or fructose (should appear at the bottom of the list, like salt)” Therefore, in cereals, the only processed product should be the cereal itself (oats, barley, wheat, rice, corn, spelled) …). Muesli is also excellent, but beware of dehydrated fruit which, being sugary, will quickly increase your blood sugar, leading to hunger in no time (those with dried fruit, dark chocolate or protein are preferable)
  2. CERALS PROCESSING: the best ones are the flakes. Yes, this is the technique that best preserves the nutritional values of the grain, as the temperatures are more contained compared to puffed beans and petals / balls, bran, muesli … so oat flakes, brown rice, barley turn out to be the optimal choice for breakfast.
  3. FATS: <20g / 100g, SATURATED FATS less than 1 g per serving and no hydrogenated fats that are used to thicken grains composed of flour. The longer the list of ingredients is, the worse the product will be.
  4. ADDITIONS: Many cereals are enriched with vitamins, minerals, fibers. Their presence should not affect your choices. They are precious substances, but contained in insufficient quantities to cover the daily intake requirement. My advice is to take these substances from “REAL” foods like fruit and yogurt.

Here is a recipe that will save your breakfast, that will satisfy you and your hunger: OATMEAL. 
  • 50 grams of oat flakes (I recommend the “baby” flakes that are already chopped up so they absorb more liquid, and are better. In case you can blend them before cooking them)
  • 200 gr of vegetable milk (almond, hazelnuts, soy)
  • Cinnamon (at will)

Topping: 100 g of Greek yogurt, 5 almonds or two cubes of dark chocolate 90% and 100 g of berries.

In a saucepan, cook the flakes with the milk, until creamy (about 3 minutes)

Pour into a bowl and finish as you please!

I hope that from now on you can have the right skills to start your day off right, from breakfast!

oatmeal recipe


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