Hungry between meals

Hungry between meals? Let’s talk about this

How many times have you found yourself hungry, soon after having eaten a meal? But are you really hungry? How can you solve this? Is it normal?

These are questions that I receive often, and nowadays I can say that the tendency to want to eat at times that do not correspond to those of the main meals is often the consequence of incorrect eating habits. 

Especially because this hunger then leads to look for foods rich in fat and sugar and certainly not a balanced snack in its macronutrients. Nervous hunger, if we can define it this way, is the number one enemy of our shape.

Studies have amply demonstrated that meals rich in simple sugars (refined rice, fruit, desserts) are able to short-circuit our system which regulates the appetite. Even the beloved sweetened drinks or juices, if not managed well. Not to mention the beloved zero calories beverages that give our brain the illusion of sugar, without actually receiving it! So it, by receiving these fake sugar signals, instead of “feeding” himself, increases our desire for sugars.


But what are the foods that stimulate hunger between meals?

There are foods that stimulate endorphins, meaning the substances related to well-being, which combine both fats and sugars (or salt). I’m referring to creamy desserts, milk or white chocolate, yogurt with the addition of honey, grape juice or sugars, or the classic gummy candies. Not to mention the snacks and other industrial products! Beware also of false sweets, like salted snacks, which due to their flavor make the same “damage” to our nervous system as pizzas, chips, peanuts with added salt that stimulate salivation and consequently our appetite. Have you ever wondered why there are only these during aperitifs ?? Salt thirsty -> water / alcohol -> hunger = purchase! 


How to fight hunger between meals, then?

To be hungry / having the typical “hole in the stomach” mid-morning is usually the consequence of a  poor and poorly nutritious breakfast. Plus, if you are then the typical “Coffee + brioche” person, that’s normal! Trying to balance your meals allows you to satiate yourself longer. A classic example is to replace the refined sugars biscuits with slices of wholegrain bread and Greek yoghurt and oilseeds (chia, flax, sunflower, pumpkin …). An excellent snack can then be a banana with some walnut or almond, or a handful of cashews (fat – carbohydrates – proteins), a protein bar or some sugar-free muesli with a small low-fat yogurt. The same applies to the 5pm snack.


5 between meals anti-hunger habits.

  1. Never skip meals (try to get have at regular times, and at the usual hour): the excessive drop in blood glucose (due to stress, too strict diets, excessive sport …) alarms the brain, which will start asking for sugar to carry out all its functions.
  2. Before satisfying the desire, try to wait: start another activity, get distracted, take a 10 minute walk. Listen to your body!
  3. Stop: the importance of not eating while standing up, but sitting, away from distractions such as TV, social media, computers is essential. Understanding, recognizing and enjoying what you are eating to satisfy all your senses!
  4. Eat more fiber-containing foods: choose vegetables, preferably cooked, which satiate with “zero calories”. They give a sense of satiety, help fight constipation, and clean up our intestines.
  5. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day, especially between meals: studies say that in 75% of cases the feeling of hunger can be appeased simply by drinking more!


Claudia Cecere

Sky blue eyes, platinum blonde hair and gray, lips that are not very fleshy.
Comfortable shoes, jeans and colorful socks and non-designer bags.
Juventus heart, sporting from birth, illnesses and daily ailments.
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I like white, wood and DIY.

I love cooking, eating well and taking care of myself.
I like things that taste of earth, oats, dried fruit butters and raspberries.
Curry, curcuma, ginger, soy sauce, coconut, chicken and rice.

A few years ago I decided to take my life in hand and dedicate myself to my biggest dream: cooking!
Here comes the FIT BAKERY: an artisan shop where you can buy healthy and tasty homemade products. A place where to make healthy cooking that helps people feel better … with taste!


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