Il Palombaio: Pastificio Agricolo Umbro

The tradition of Umbrian pasta makers lives in Perugia

It is only a few years since the ancient tradition of Umbrian pasta makers was rediscovered and brought back to life. Historical knowledge, which time was taking away with it, but which, thanks to the commitment and dedication of Pietro Peccia and Massimiliano Cecchetti, has been recovered and is still practised today. A tradition of friendship that has always had to do with agriculture and the land, and in particular with wheat.


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It was in 2019 when the two farmers started the company Il Palombaio, after several tests. Their experience in the agricultural sector gave them a big hand, but going from real farming to the idea of a business is never easy. A project that starts from the earth and arrives on the plates of those who still believe in authentic Italian gastronomic traditions. The company produces certified organic raw materials, underlining the importance given to quality for consumers.

“It was in 2019 when the two farmers started the company Il Palombaio, after several tests.”

The result is a dried pasta made from ancient durum wheat that contains all the Umbrian tradition and Italian craftsmanship. The production phases are controlled by the two founders of the company, who look after it as if it were part of the family. This would not be possible, however, if the raw material itself were not excellent. Pietro and Massimiliano are also involved in the cultivation of ancient durum wheat, which is then processed and grinded in the area’s historic mill.

Production uses traditional techniques and excellent raw materials. Manual processes that lead to the use of whole-wheat ground semolina. This is an unusual process in this world, which however manages to maintain all the organoleptic characteristics and nutritional properties of the grain. In this way all the parts of the grain remain intact, from the germ to the bran.

“The production makes use of traditional techniques and excellent raw materials.”

In a world where frenzy is super present, Palombaio guarantees the excellent quality of a healthy and nutritious meal in one package. Umbrian and Italian gastronomy are thus within everyone’s reach, bringing true local flavour to the table.



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