La Campagnola

The typical products of the Bomportese, along the sides of the Secchia and Panaro rivers

The classic rural landscape of the Modena area combines agricultural tradition with cultural and artistic aspects. In fact, it is easy to find beautiful 16th-century villas along the streets of the municipality of Bomporto. What is now the bank of the Panaro river was once known as the Darsena Estense, where nobles used to move to find peace and quiet. In the midst of this nature and splendour, there is also the La Campagnola farm.


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The origins of this company go back to when the great-grandfather of the current owner, Attilio, decided to choose Bomporto as the company’s location. It was 1927 when the dream began. From that moment on, agricultural work began. They started with fruit and vegetables and vineyards. Two hectares were dedicated to the production of Lambrusco, the traditional wine of the area. 

 “It was 1927 when the dream began”

Year after year, the knowledge of the agricultural world passed from Attilio from father to son. A reality that has always maintained its status as a family business. In 2018, after a change in the name of the company, it was still decided to maintain the principles that gave birth to La Campagnola, namely a family business. Today it is Carlo Alberto Reggiani who runs the company with the support of the experience of his father Giulio, administrator and holder of agricultural knowledge.

La Campagnola covers an area of 26 hectares and has maintained Attilio’s crops over time. Thus the production of Lambrusco di Sorbara remains, alongside fruit and vegetables such as pears, peaches, apricots, plums, melons and pumpkins. A production of high quality conserved products.

“A production of high quality conserved products.”

2018 was also the year of change in terms of production. La Campagnola also started selling at farmers’ markets and directly on site. This was the starting point that led to the creation of the first conserves. A start based on fruit juices, which then involved tomatoes and other vegetables and fruits. All processing takes place in the company’s own laboratory, which still carries on the family tradition.

 “All processing takes place in the company’s own laboratory, which still carries on the family tradition.”



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