La Montemarzina Syrups and Jams

La Montemarzina: the tradition of the Quattro Province

There is an area on the border of four regions, Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Liguria, called Quattro Province. This portion of the Ligurian Apennines is the birthplace of many artistic, cultural and gastronomic achievements and delicacies. Particularly in the Val Curone Grue and Ossona, where the Volpedo peaches originate. The name recalls the famous painter of the Quarto Stato, Pellizza, who came from Volpedo, but the area is known by gourmands mainly for this delicious fruit.


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Among orchards and vineyards, stands La Montemarzina, which takes its name from its host village, Montemarzino, located in the province of Alessandria. For over forty years, this family business has dedicated itself to cultivating fruit in the hills of these beautiful valleys. Their history is made up of traditions and a sense of unity, which has made the whole family dedicated to a single cause: promoting and sharing the love of local products

It all began with family patriarch ‘Moro’, who began growing Volpedo peaches and passed on his love of the practice to the next generations, with expansion into the production of cherries, apricots and plums. What hasn’t changed over time is the use of traditional recipes: natural and healthy staples that only use products of the highest quality. There is an element of quality and authenticity that surrounds La Montemarzina on all sides: the young Giulia is the label designer, while the ‘fruit engineer’, the charismatic Marco, is the worker who loves what he does so much that there is no way not to be swept up in his energy and passion.

What hasn’t changed over time is the use of traditional recipes: natural and healthy staples that only use products of the highest quality.

Syrups, fruit jams and ‘Marmellose’ to be eaten with cheeses are the main products of this company that over the years has been able to make its way through blood, sweat, tears, and believing in its values. Since 2014, with the opening of the laboratory, they have never stopped experimenting with combinations to create superb tastes, while adhering to a process that respects the fruit’s characteristics, without ever altering its flavors and smells. The operations take place as they did in olden times, with the harvest in the early morning. Washing and cutting by hand follow, along with a syrup made only with water, sugar and lemon and a slow pasteurization that allows for perfect vase preservation.

Syrups of peaches and the spirit of the territory combine well with Timorasso, the local wine, while pears dive into a sea of Barbera for an unforgettable end to the meal. But when you taste peaches combined with saffron and apricots and lavender, then you really get the sense that La Montemarzina has paved its way based on tradition, but never without a nod to innovation.



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