Luca Lacalamita

“Lula”, the coffer of pastry chef Luca Lacalamita

Sometimes life makes a long and weaved journey to reach the goal, the peace. Here you are the history of Luca Lacalamita. He is one of the best pastry chefs in Italy, his curriculum speaks louder than other thousand words. Three starred restaurant Dorchester in London managed by Alain Ducasse; Petrus restaurant owned by Gordon Ramsay; Cracco-Peck Milano improving the confectionery of Peck and Cracco’s restaurant; Massimo Bottura’s Osteria Francescana and then El Bulli of Ferran Adrià. Big names and big food culture in the veins of Luca Lacalamita who – after this long trip –  landed at the Enoteca Pinchiorri where he stayed 8 years giving his contribution to this amazing historical Florence restaurant.

But it doesn’t matter how good you are to be a pastry chef, it doesn’t matter the curriculum you have: when your roots call you back to your origins you cannot get away, you must answer. Luca indeed in 2019 came back to Trani, a beautiful city of Puglia just in front of the Adriatic sea, to open “Lula”, his dream, his kingdom. Lula is a little and rich pastry shop and bakery where you can find his treasures: bread and desserts. In the oven of Lula there are products that are better than gold!

The bakery is divided in two: Puro (pure) and Quotidiano (daily). The first is the place for Luca’s experiments and researches using ancient local flours from his land. The second is high quality daily bakery products. 

But the confectionery is the soul and the coffer of Luca’s soul: chocolate bread, Puglia’s authentic Panettone (made with seasonal products), Millefoglie ( that some people says Luca’s created using the precision of a scientist to make the puff pastry the thinnest he can) and the unforgettable Luca’s Tiramisù. We of Kaataa really appreciate the work of Luca for many reasons but the more important is one. The goal of this pastry chef indeed is very noble and lordy: using ancient flours and wheats he wants to make the high cuisine an important actor to make people more aware to the importance of the origin, the biodiversity and the ambiental consequences of the raw materials and to avoid the disappearance of some amazing local products. That’s why Luca would like that Lula one day will be neighborhood’s bakery, to lead the local people to the culture of the seasonality and quality.

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