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Viticulture in Oltrepò Pavese: Azienda Agricola Maggi Francesco


Oltrepò Pavese is an area mainly renowned for its production of centuries-old wines, with traditions that facilitate a kind of time travel. It’s no surprise, then, that its shape closely resembles a grape bunch, in order to emphasize an idea that the viticulturists of the area hold close. This is the Italian capital of Pinot Noir, Riesling and Croatina. But among the 1700 wineries located here, one stands out for its production of a particular wine: Buttafuoco Storico of Azienda Agricola Maggi Francesco.

“Since the 1940s, the Maggi family has decided to carry on the agricultural traditions of this area of Pavia.”

On the hills of Valle Versa, in the municipality of Montescano, you’ll find the Azienda Agricola Maggi Francesco. Since the 1940s, the Maggi family has carried on the agricultural traditions of this area of Pavia. The historical context in which it was initially located was one of war and poverty, which led the owners to move to Canneto Pavese. Over time, the territory they cultivated extended to the municipalities of Castana and Montù Beccaria, centers known in the Oltrepavese area for the excellent quality of their wines.


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Indeed, these are the lands of great DOC wines such as Bonarda, Moscato, Sangue di Giuda and Buttafuoco Storico. It’s this last one in particular that is the pride and joy of Azienda Agricola Maggi Francesco. This wine is so important to the territory that it has its own dedicated Club, with a few producers within it who adhere to the standards for this wine: 50% of Croatina grapes, 25% of Barbera and the remaining part Ughetta di Canneto and Uva Rara. A lengthy barrel aging process (one year) takes place, followed by six months of in-bottle aging, bringing to life a wine of noble character, enriched over the course of time.

“Azienda Agricola Maggi Davide has taken to heart its history and its development, along with other wineries belonging to the Distretto del Vino di Qualità dell’Oltrepò Pavese.”

This same character is certainly not lacking in Marco, who today runs the winery pursuing the goals of his ancestors, while keeping up with the changing times. Harvesting is still done by hand in order to preserve the characteristics of the grapes, as is pruning, which is entrusted to a small group of select experts. What the Azienda Agricola Maggi Davide offers is a trust-based relationship with its customers, a bond that goes beyond sales as an end in itself.

Sparkling Bonarda from the Oltrepò Pavese is one of the finest wines of Lombardy. Azienda Agricola Maggi Davide has taken its history and its development to heart, along with other wineries belonging to the Distretto del Vino di Qualità dell’Oltrepò Pavese. This passion is reflected in the wine labels, too, in particular Bonarda Fatum 20 febbraio, a name that tells a family story and commemorates the birth of Davide’s grandfather and daughter, as Davide carries on the winery with dedication.



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