Meran wine Festival


“Meran WIne Festival”, the poetry of the ground kermesse

There is a red (or white, or rosé) liquid that links people from different part of the world able to make man and woman feel in love: I am talking about wine. Since 1992 there is a city in the North of Italy, Meran, that celebrates this amazing product in the “Merano Wine Festival, MWF”. This is not a simple wine exhibition but a refined, deep and captious travel into the wine wolrd. Someone could say in a funny way it’s a festival from “wine- nerd”. Anyway this is one of the most important kermesse about wine and spirits in Italy. To visit MWF you need 100 euro, that’s because inside you’ll find the best of the best of the best wine producers and….you can taste their amazing products!

MWF it’s also a “Think Tank”, a space where opinions and forums have a place, a moment where producers and consumers can exchange new points of view and debate about the future tendences of spirits and wine.

merano wine festival 2019

950 wine growners selected in Italy and in the world, a special place dedicated to organic wine and Piwi (grapevine ills resistant) and the “champange catwalk” – a day focused on the best champagne producers and the combinations with the food- are some pearls of this magic moment that wants to spread the culture of the “good drink” all around the world. MWF gives space also to a lot of appointments about beer, mixology and spirits: “Meran spirits”, “Spirits and Mixing” etc.

.This event it’s not elitist. “Fuorisalone Merano City Life” is a program of events planned outside the festival to make all the people feel nearer of the good wine culture.

Anyway from the 7th to the 12th November it’s better you forget the car in a parking outside Meran and you walk in the city centre to let your body and your soul be inebriated by – as the MWF founder Helmuth Kocher says- the “poetry of the ground”: the wine.


Meran, BZ


8-13 November 2019


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