What to eat in Prishtina – Monroe

 Summer time, Cocktail time – Monroe, Prishtina

Cities are realising that having great nightlife is not just about entertainment – it also means a 24-hour economy. If a trip to eastern Europe’s famous clubs sounds like a perfect vacation, you should visit Kosovo’s capital city of Prishtina. Dance the night away at any of their famous clubs and bars, meet new people, and come back home with some stories about the experience. Prishtina is a destination known for the experience it provides. A massive part of that experience will be sightseeing the many café’s and bars that have diverse yet stylish interiors around town. 

Whilst visiting Prishtina you will not go thirsty, thanks to the variety of local, low cost delights. Prishtina has a lively nightlife and plenty of bars. One of the many bars is Monroe. A space in the center of the city, on the terrace of which warm the sunlight while enjoying the morning coffee, as well as the light of the moon during the summer evenings when you are enjoying the company of good people and in the right place. Monroe is a modern bar, great place, friendly staff, nice service and reasonable prices. You can see mainly young people and listen great music. But what makes it even more attractive is the name it has. You can ask why MONROE? Special & unique just like the Marilyn Monroe, looking around the bar and reading Marilyn Monroe’s quotes you can not feel anything else except good vibes.

Summer is here, so you better go enjoy the best cocktail in town. Don’t forget, go early if you want to have a seat!


Monroe – Rr. Fehmi Agani, Prishtine 10 000, Kosovo

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