Nero Fermento

Nero Fermento

Black Garlic, the flavour evolution

Few years ago some young italian researchers decided implement scientific experimentation in agriculture into practice, so they started a small start-up called Nero Fermento, an innovative company born from the encounter between agriculture and technology, (farmers and researchers) two deeply different souls ad synergistic among them in terms of know-how, values and experience. NeroFermento finds in this dualism the base of its identity, the necessary impulse to innovate, experiment and move along raising day by day its own quality standards with the intention to present a new, fresh and original point of view to the Market. 

They decided to focus on a specific gastronomic sector, increasingly known but still developing: fermented foods! They applied the scientific knowledge to garlic, working with a traditional and iconic Italian garlic, the Voghiera DOP. Achieving a unique and incredible result through controlled fermentation.

From white to black, through a long process of fermentation and ripening, garlic becomes elegant for our palate. The fermentative process transforms the intense and pungent aroma into a softer and more delicate flavour, making bulbils tenderer and improving their digestibility. With these peculiarities black garlic, native of Asian culture and now present in many countries, becomes protagonist both in gourmet kitchens and in the daily diet, sought after for its beneficial properties and its unmistakable flavour.


Nero di Voghiera is produced through the natural fermentation of Voghiera Garlic PDO under closely monitored conditions, without additives, preservatives or yeasts, in controlled humidity and temperature for at least 60 days. A long process by which Voghiera’s garlic, an exquisitely typical Italian garlic famous for its gentle taste, loses the typical pungent taste of traditional garlic to become gentler and easier to digest. Colour, consistency and taste, but also nutritional properties: Nero di Voghiera enriches the white PDO garlic with a renewed organoleptic range, enhancing its already numerous healthy virtues. The fermentative process decreases the allicin content, responsible for the more aggressive aspects of traditional garlic, and increase its digestibility as well as the concentration of beneficial nutrients for the organism. 

For its nutritional values and active ingredients it can be considered a real superfood, a valuable ally in nourishing well-being. Nero di Voghiera represents a gastronomic ingredient of excellence, perfect with meat, fish, cheeses, vegetables but also in risotto, sauces or soups, as well as a kind of supplement to be included in every day’s diet to improve health.

The taste is a real surprise, it is sapid and tasty, with umami notes, balsamic, acid and sweet flavours, perfect to be used in several recipes. From a raw material on certified excellence, a delicious and healthy product is born, cultivated, harvested and fermented exclusively in Italy. With Nero di Voghiera, the Italian black garlic market is finally enriched with a choice of a product which is 100% made in Italy.

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