Oporto and the Douro valley

Discover the renewed flavours of Oporto and the Douro Valley

With its narrow, twisting river and steep terraced hillsides, Portugal’s Douro Valley comes alive and changes face when its vine leaves change colour during the year. Usually visited by cruise, one of the biggest draws of this region is wine. The Douro Valley is most notable for producing the world’s only true port, or fortified wine, and plenty of tasting opportunities are available at the numerous wine estates and vineyards that line the river.

The whole region of the Douro valley has undergone a small gastronomic revolution in the last few years, and today it is dotted with new and sparkling restaurants in which to taste a reinvented traditional cuisine.

Portugal’s second city, Porto or Oporto in Portuguese, is considered to be the gateway to the Douro Valley, and its UNESCO-listed historical centre is definetely worth a visit. Admire the beautiful housing and granite monuments which are found throughout the city, take a boat ride through its centre or wander through São Roque Park, which has beautiful gardens and a popular hedge maze.

With its new restaurants, bars and trendy home-grown designer shops, there is a personality and a flavour to Oporto that have all but disappeared from the homogenised Euro-town.


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