Paolo Parisi

The Super Eggs of Paolo Parisi: the story and success of a true “creative”

“I am a creative. Maybe not in the conventional sense of the term: I don’t draw, I don’t write novels, I don’t compose music. I create good things. Delights for the palate with which other people can play to invent new flavors, with a raw material as old as the world and yet unedited “.

Paolo Parisi has always tried to approach the agro-food industry with a philosophy that was in contrast with the “consumerist” philosophy prevailing in today’s society “has meant that we liked things that were convenient for producers’ earnings and not for well-being and consumer taste “.

It is necessary to start again from simple things, with that “little” that gives us work with the land and animals. This basis is irreplaceable for Paolo Parisi and it is what really pushes us to “create” and work with imagination.

«Creativity is making sense of transformation. Do a lot with little ».

This is the basic idea that led Paolo Parisi, among the various projects undertaken, also to start the production of those eggs that today are unanimously recognized by all the great star chefs, such as the best on the market, the super eggs, obtained starting from a simple but unique idea. Creative.

Paolo Parisi, at his “Le Macchie” farm in Usigliano di Lari (Pisa) immersed in the Tuscan hills, has therefore created a breeding of about 2000 laying hens of the Livorno breed from which, on average, he obtains about 1,500 eggs per day.

Le Macchie is a paradise on earth where pigs, cows, sheep and goats live happily, strolling and feeding far and wide through the 140 hilly hectares of the estate. In a herd, flock or herd, without a roof over your head, warming up in the sun, breathing good air respecting the natural life cycles of each of them

Here his legendary eggs are born. The hens roam freely within a fenced pasture area and their feeding is corroborated by a protein ingredient which is that touch of genius that made the difference (positive) compared to all the other eggs on the market. Since October 2017 the management of the farm has passed into the hands of his son Filippo and his wife Chiara.

So here is the simple idea, and exceptional at the same time, that made Parisi’s eggs unique, that is, the use of goat’s milk as a protein source with which to integrate the normal feeding of chickens.

Parisi says: “I have renounced all the facilities because I can raise chickens in any place, feeding them mainly with cereals and goat’s milk, an important protein supplement. I was the first to do this madness ». Soy is a legume with which many of the poultry feed is made, a food which however Parisi refuses. «Soy is an oily seed that shows contraindications. Before being taken, the legume must be toasted, so that the fats become unsaturated and therefore healthy for the body and usable by animals. I can give the same protein intake to hens using goat milk. In addition, the toasting system requires a waste of money. “

Here’s how the best eggs in the world are born!


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