What to eat in Rome – Pizza al taglio

Pizzarium Bonci – Vatican

I am a Mediterranean girl who likes to eat a lot of things in small amounts. So you can imagine, I did not quite want to eat a whole pizza by myself. I prefer having five pieces with different flavors; therefore, I am obsessed with sliced pizza or – as Roman say – pizza “al taglio”. Unlike the round personal pizzas one might encounter at a sit-down pizzeria in Rome, pizza al taglio is a rectangular or elliptical slab of dough that is cut into quadrilateral slices and sold by weight. Today, we’re in Pizzarium of Gabriele Bonci, who is a celebrity in Italy talking about pizza and brad – italian’s religion – known for is BIG personality (google his name and you’ll understand what I mean) truly deeply roman.

As I was saying, we are in Pizzarium: my comfort place! Here, toppings change daily, even from hour to hour, and in an average day, more than 20 types of pizzas may be found on the countertop. You never know what you will find, but you can try to guess the products thinking about the season. In Rome, the quality of ingredients for both levels have seen an unfortunate decline over the past decades as the costs of artisanal raw materials, leading them to be replaced with industrial substitutes. However, Bonci is still keeping his pizza the best by using products from small scale producers. In this way, he supports his farmer meanwhile he guarantees the best quality to his customers.


Pizzarium Bonci – Via della Meloria, 43, 00136 Roma

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