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Anisetta Rosati

For all bartenders or those who have the ambition to be, Anisetta has always supported international bartenders and this selection of products is perfect for preparing excellent mixes and cocktails.

Note of merit for Amaro Rosati, a digestive elixir invented in the mid-nineteenth century

This box includes:

1 bottle of Anisetta Classica
1 bottle of Anisetta Superfine
1 bottle of Amaro Picenum

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Anisetta Rosati

This incomparable liqueur is an excellent result due to a diligent discontinuous distillation in a bain-marie and slow evaporation, of a careful selection of seeds of Green Anise of Castignano “universally recognized as the best and most fragrant”. The seeds are grown in the gentle hills of the Piceno suspended between sea and mountains, in sunny and well-drained fertile soils cooled by the breeze of the Sibillini Mountains, harvested by hand on the nights of the summer full moon. The proportionate doses, with the addition of other Mediterranean spices, make Anisetta Rosati a low-sugar liqueur very pleasing to the palate.

Alcohol: 38%


Anisetta Rosati Superfine

Aniseed liqueur to be served alone or in the “on the rocks” version with either three Arabica coffee beans and two drops of lime or alternatively with four drops of pure cream from an excellent espresso coffee.
Full and soft taste rich in aroma with intense hints of green anise, saffron, chamomile, licorice, honey and Mediterranean spices.

Alcohol: 38%


Amaro Picenum

From a recipe of the Award-winning Pharmaceutical Laboratory of Cav. Umberto Rosati of Ascoli Piceno, was born in the second half of the nineteenth century, the digestive elixir “Amaro Rosati”.
This exceptional product can be served as an aperitif in the “on the rocks” version with a slice of orange or alternatively mixed with an excellent bubble and ginger beer; as a digestive in purity to be combined with a fine dark chocolate. Also ideal for mixing cocktails and long drinks.

Alcohol: 32%


Anisetta Rosati

Don't say Anise unless you add the word "Rosati". 

"There's aniseed and... there's anise from Castignano." Yes, this small town surrounded by the hills of the Marche - a beautiful region right in the center of Italy - is the birthplace of "Pimpinella Asinum," the aniseed of the world. Between the breeze of the Adriatic Sea and the cold wind of the Apennine mountains of the Sibillini National Park, in 1850, Umberto Rosati, famous pharmacist and nobleman, created one of the best aniseed based alcoholic beverages of Italy "Anisetta Rosati". 

This product has crossed the centuries up to our days, bringing from the past all the flavors and memories of times made of aromatic herbs, wild hilly fields and peasant wisdom. Already in 1877 newspapers were clamoring "Anisetta Rosati, the best digestive drink with low sugar and high flavors!", maybe there are good reasons if a drink is still alive after such a long time: let's find out!


Via dell’Aspo, 44, Ascoli Piceno, Ascoli Piceno Italy - 63100

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