The Apulian tradition of oil cultivation is carried on by the Buondioli family, which produces four different varieties of oil, each suited to a different type of taste, to satisfy all consumers.

This box includes:

1 bottle Ogliarola Garganica Bio Buondioli, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

1 bottle Leccino Bio Buondioli, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

1 bottle Blend Bio Buondioli, Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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Ogliarola Garganica Bio Buondioli 

The most intense, the most Garganic. Monocultivar, comes from a variety of olives typical of the area and takes its name. It is the highest expression of our land, the Gargano. The result is an important oil, intense and true as those who cultivate it. Ogliarola Garganica is an organic extra virgin olive oil, spicy and bitter, with a long persistence of vegetable tones. Intense green with golden hues, it is bursting with scents of almond, tomato, freshly cut grass and artichoke. The mouth is full of vegetal recalls: authoritative, rich, imposing but with a good gustative balance.

Leccino Bio Buondioli 

Monocultivar, it is a light fruity. An elegant and delicate extra virgin olive oil, which goes best with seafood because its structure does not overpower its personality.

Harmony of flavors, hints of almond, delicacy on the palate. It boasts a very low acidity and a balanced taste, suitable for infant feeding, pinzimoni and short cooking. Luminous green with yellow nuances. To the nose the varietal characters of the olive leccino dominate, complete and fragrant. It gives intense and lively scents of fresh olives and a pleasantly harmonious taste. In the mouth it fully confirms the fresh and lively olfactory notes without exceeding in bitter or spicy tones.

Blend Bio Buondioli 

The blend is the surprising result of a mix of Ogliarola Garganica, Leccino and Picholine harvested in our family's countryside. Its scent is as pleasant as its taste. Medium fruity, the nose is reminiscent of tomato leaves, chicory and pleasant notes of freshly cut grass. The taste is slightly spicy and bitter.