La Campagnola

A family tradition that has led to the creation of high quality conserved products. Natural, home-grown ingredients made in the company’s own laboratory, to preserve the qualities and not lose the freshness of the raw materials.

This box includes:

bottles of Tomato Passata in glass 500 ml

Spedizione in 48/72 ore ENG

Tomato Passata in glass

Ingredients: tomato 99,8%, salt

Tomatoes of Italian origin packaged in the laboratory of Savignano sul Panaro (MO)

Once opened, store in the refrigerator and consume in a few days.


La Campagnola

A family story that carries on traditions

La Campagnola was founded by Attilio Reggiani in 1927. Even today, it is still run by the same family, which carries on the local traditions thanks to the fact that techniques and secrets are handed down from father to son to preserve their authenticity. The company is dedicated to the production of fruit, vegetables and grapes, which are then used to make traditional Lambrusco. The area is that of the municipality of Bompiano, a rural area in the province of Modena, known in the past as the Darsena Estense, where nobles found peace and quiet in the midst of nature.

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via brandoli 25, bomporto, Modena Italy - 41030

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