Lo Zafferano di Montefiorino

The red gold of spices is the flagship product of Azienda Agricola Manfredini. Saffron has always been part of the history of the Modena area, but over time it was lost. With the initial help of bulbs from the Novelli Plateau in Abruzzo, the cultivation in Montefiorino became increasingly large. Today, the products are packaged in their entirety to guarantee authenticity and discourage counterfeiting.

This box includes:

1 Saffron jar 0.5 gr

1 Zafri biscuits with chocolate chips and saffron 250 gr

1 Pear and Saffron Jam 250 gr

1 Red Gold Honey (Acacia + Saffron)

Spedizione in 48/72 ore ENG

Saffron jar

INGREDIENTS: Pure saffron in pistils

PROCESSING: Saffron roasting with wood embers, seasoning and packaging.

STORAGE: 24 months from the date of production.

Store away from light, it fears humidity.

Zafri biscuits with chocolate chips and saffron 

INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour type “0”, Sugar, butter, eggs, White chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring), saffron 0.001%, salt, raising agent: (potassium tartrate, disodium diphosphate, maize starch).

RAW MATERIALS: Sugar Italy Europe, Wheat flour Italy, Eggs Italy, Butter Italy, White chocolate Italy Europe, Saffron Italy (Montefiorino -Mo-), Leavening agent Italy.

STORAGE: Keep in a cool and dry place, do not expose to direct sunlight.

Pear and Saffron Jam

INGREDIENTS: Fresh fruit of the “pear” variety, sugar, fresh lemon juice, Montefiorino saffron.

PROCESSING: Jam obtained by cooking fresh fruit with

sugar, lemon juice and saffron until the natural gelling process is obtained.

gelling process, packaging and pasteurisation.

No preservatives or colouring agents added.

STORAGE: 24 months from the date of production.

Red Gold Honey (Acacia + Saffron)

INGREDIENTS: Acacia honey, pure saffron in pistils.

PROCESSING: Acacia honey with pure saffron pistils in infusion.

STORAGE: 24 months from the date of production.

Store away from light.


Lo Zafferano di Montefiorino

Nature at the heart of Montefiorino production

Azienda Agricola Manfredini has decided to find a valuable ally in its business idea: the support of nature. Montefiorino, a mountainous municipality in the province of Modena, helps with this. The surroundings of Monte Cimone are just one of the details of this activity. Michela and Christian, for their part, have put all their love and passion into carrying out an activity that is not easy, but which is more difficult in the mountains. The result is a return to tradition, where the local saffron is once again the protagonist, but always respecting manual processes and historical techniques, such as roasting over embers. A product that requires a lot of sacrifice, but which the company carries forward with pride, trying as much as possible to spread the culture. Among wild blueberries, honey and jams, Azienda Agricola Manfredini goes back to the origins, wh...


Via provinciale 16, Montefiorino, Modena Italy - 41045

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