Mistico Speziale Collection

Mistico Speziale

Mistico Speziale is a unique distillery of its kind, Saverio Denti had a clear vision ten years ago, to cultivate rare medicinal herbs from which to produce very high quality spirits!
Over the years this vision and his passion led him to become a reference point in Europe for spirits.

This collection is designed for those who want to discover the production of mystic apothecary, for those who love cocktails and love the world of bartenders.

This box includes:

1 bottle of Gin Clandestino
1 bottle of Amaro Clandestino
1 bottle of Bitter Clandestino

Delivery  in 48-72 hs 


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Gin Clandestino In the name and packaging Gin Clandestino takes us to the times of prohibition, when alcohol could only be consumed in illegal bars called speakeasy. The all-Italian gin compound produced by Mistico Speziale refers to the taste of the time, but with the quality of the Italian experience in distillation and the use of quality raw materials. The dry and resinous notes of juniper are perfectly balanced with the spicy ones of coriander, combined with the balsamic and floral notes of cardamom and aromatic calamus and a fresh and unmistakable citric touch. A complex gin, very aromatic, but well structured, excellent both in purity and in mixing. Alc% 40 Amaro Clandestino Amaro Clandestino is handcrafted in small batches, through the natural maceration of over 25 botanicals in soft alcohol of cereals and spring water. A bitter that can be used alone or even in mixing as a substitute for Vermouth. A very fragrant, very balanced bitter, with a predominantly herbaceous aroma, with many nuances ranging from balsamic to citrus, with a spicy finish. Alc% 23.5 Bitter Clandestino Inspired by a recipe dating back to the times of Prohibition, Bitter Clandestino is a unique and versatile product, without dyes, preservatives or artificial flavors. Handmade in small batches, through the natural maceration of selected botanicals in pure alcohol of cereals and spring water, to create a balanced fusion of bitter and sweet notes. In purity it is a delicate digestive bitter, with ice and orange peel it turns into an aperitif, mixed it is the perfect bitter for the preparation of numerous cocktails. The bitter notes of China, Absinthe, Angelica and aromatic Calamo go perfectly with the balsamic and oriental fragrances of cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg, to get to the sweeter and citrus tones of orange and bergamot peel, accompanied by notes chamomile and orange blossom flowers, with a long and pungent finish emphasized by timut pepper. Alc% 22