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NERO DI VOGHIERA is a fermented black garlic produced from garlic of Voghiera D.O.P., synonymous with quality but also with exceptional sweetness. Thanks to the long and entirely natural fermentation, based only on the permanence of the bulbs at controlled temperature and humidity, the bulbs darken, abandoning their whiteness and becoming elegant for our palate. The fermentation process transforms the intense aroma into a softer and more delicate flavor, makes the texture of the cloves more tender and improves digestibility.
Nero di Voghiera was created for the Ho.Re.Ca. channel and through the diversification of the formats it meets all the needs of both professionals and the most demanding gourmet consumers.

This box includes:

1 Nero di Voghiera 30 g (garlic)

1 Nero di Voghiera Peeled Jar 50 g

1 Nero di Voghiera Cream 70 g 

1 Powerd 1# Nero di Voghiera 30g

1 Pesto Nero&Bio black garlic, basil and nuts 80 g

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Nero di Voghiera 30gr From one to four heads, depending on the weight: a small taste of the potential that Nero di Voghiera garlic holds behind its fragrant brown skin. Nero di Voghiera Peeled Jar 50 g Designed for the most impatient: 50gr of delicious black cloves, already peeled and ready to flavor all your recipes! Nero di Voghiera Cream 70 g All the aroma and taste of freshly peeled garlic in a practical cream ready to be spread on bread or used as a condiment! 1# Nero di Voghiera Garlic Powder 30g A very fine powder of 100% Nero di Voghiera garlic: all the aroma and flavor of freshly peeled black garlic in a convenient ready-to-use powder. Pesto Nero&Bio black garlic, basil and walnuts 80 g Organic is no longer a niche choice but an increasingly popular and appreciated option among consumers. The reasons are health and environmental, demonstrating a growing sensitivity that has contributed to the spread of organic products even in large retailers. Black garlic pesto produced through a process of maturation from organic garlic, basil and walnuts, excellent on croutons, crackers, breadsticks, flat bread, canapés, cheese or to season pasta.