Roteglia 1848

Get a deep sense of the Roteglia 1848 company’s tradition in a single selection. These liqueurs tell the story of the artisan production of alcoholic infusions that we have carried out in our Sassuolo laboratory for over 170 years. The story has deep roots, but with an eye toward the future and new biological techniques. Recipes
have been handed down from generation to generation to keep products such as Nocino and Sassuolino, two area delicacies, alive.

This box includes:

1 Nocino Riserva 70 cl

1 Sassuolino 70 cl

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Nocino Riserva

Nocino Riserva Roteglia is the pride and joy of the company's liqueur production: for 172 years it has been produced using the same recipe, handed down from generation to generation. This dark, dense and aromatic infusion is part of the tradition of the province of Modena and since the nineteenth century it has capped off the meal. Nocino Riserva is ideal as a digestive, a special ingredient for cocktails, or as a topping for ice cream and desserts. It can be paired with hard and mature cheeses as well as dark chocolate.

Alc. 38% Sassuolino Sassuolino is the original liqueur of Sassuolo, obtained through the infusion of star anise which gives it its unmistakable fragrance. The scent immediately reaches the nose and leaves a lasting impression. Delicate and sweet to the palate, when added to coffee, it corrects it, enhancing its aroma. Alc. 42%