Roteglia 1848 Liquor Tasting

Roteglia 1848

Nocino, Liquorice and Coffee Liqueur together showcase the infusion mastery of the Roteglia 1848 liquor factory. In this selection of liqueurs, the raw materials and the hand of the master liquor-maker truly make the difference. The recipes of the Roteglia family have remained unchanged over time and still rely predominantly on local products. Each process is carried out by hand, using traditional, time-tested machinery even today, preserving the centuries-old history of a company that has made a name for itself through the quality of its liqueurs.

This box includes:

1 Nocino 50 cl

1 Coffee 50 cl

1 Liquorice 50 cl


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Nocino Riserva Roteglia is the pride and joy of the company's liqueur production: for 172 years it has been produced using the same recipe, handed down from generation to generation. This dark, dense and aromatic infusion is part of the tradition of the province of Modena and since the nineteenth century it has capped off the meal. Nocino Riserva is ideal as a digestive, a special ingredient for cocktails, or as a topping for ice cream and desserts. It can be paired with hard and mature cheeses as well as dark chocolate. Alc. 38% Coffee Due to the very short amount of time that elapses between grinding of the beans and the infusion process, our coffee liqueur maintains all the aromas it releases to the nose and palate. The liqueur is characterised by an intense aroma enveloped by light alcoholic sensations. It is soft and sweet to the taste, delicate and refined, with a persistent real-coffee aftertaste. Perfect served smooth or with ice, the ideal ingredient for cocktails. Alc. 30% Liquorice For the liquorice they use national raw materials coming from the best possible land. Even after filtering, the liquorice particles remain in the bottle, lending a mellowness to the drink, without the addition of other ingredients. Liquorice should be enjoyed at room temperature, taken out of the fridge or sipped in a chilled glass. Alc. 30%